The stem cells I know get from patient himself by aspiration of bone marrow and once i know have selected and multiplied in a unit of cell production , apply to patient in the surgical process .

Nope there is no genetic manipulation in the process and I just know use adult stem cells _ in ideal conditions of oxygen and nutrients for their multiplication .

The protocolized clinical trials and treatments of pseudarthrosis in long bones in that we have participated We have found that it is feasible sure , without adverse effects , no toxicity and useful in bone regeneration avoiding taking of grafts of iliac crest .


The completed clinical trials and evolution of the what are they in course , we allow to expect highly satisfactory results for the speed and quality of bone regeneration in treatment of pseudarthrosis long bone .

We can see cases where who had several interventions without results and after the cultivation , surgical intervention with contribution of several million stem cells I know obtained stable consolidations and durable .

In the currently any process called stem cell treatment requires a protocol established by the Spanish Agency of medicine and authorized use only he is compassionate .