shock waves ( ESWT ) are ultrasounds of high power being used for years in lithotripsy to break the calculations of kidney . Its effects are transmitted by the water in the head and through the gel to the patient ‘s skin .

The focused shock waves can be electromechanical , electrohydraulic or piezoelectric , of high or low energy . Its effects produce be mechanical or biological according to use some u others and depending on the pathology to treat .

The focused shock waves must be guided by ultrasound or also by radio-scopy to determine the focus and the depth of the pathology to treat . This differentiates them from Radio waves , which are usually pneumatic , direct to a larger area and diffuse ; your job and effectiveness are different .

Focused shock waves should be performed by specialized traumatologists or after diagnosis by specialized personnel. Radial shock waves can be performed by physiotherapists in specific pathologies

The general effects of the waves of shock sound painkillers to low energy , regenerative to medium energy and cavitation or spray to high energy and use a u others depending on the indication

The shock waves are known for many years for their ability to break down calculations of kidney and in traumatology are varied indications as a method of treatment .


Shock waves ( ESWT ) are used as a treatment for multiple pathologies without the need for surgery .

Traditionally it has used the surgery for the treatment of tendinitis (elbow of tennis player , golfer ), calcaneal spur and may still be indicated when the waves fail , but there is the possibility of use this new technology without surgery to treat :

  • Epicondylitis ( tennis elbow ), epitrochleitis ( golfer ‘s elbow )
  • Achilles tendinopathy , plantar fasciitis or calcaneal spur .
  • Shoulder calcifying tendinitis , supraspinatus tendinosis
  • patellar tendonitis
  • Osteonecrosis (avascular necrosis of the hip , knee , or foot )
  • Fracture consolidation delays ( pseudarthrosis )


I don’t know can do on people suffering from bone tumors or metastases , the who wear a pacemaker , in pregnant or in children on the cartilage of growth . I don’t know either should be performed on people with severe coagulopathies , for him danger of bruises , about him central nervous system , large vessels or lungs .


In our centers are apply , in the shock wave unit guided under the vision of radioscopy or ultrasound , without anesthesia , with local or regional anesthesia , depending on the energy that must apply .

There is a initial period in that you notice the analgesic effect of the same , then a period of a week in that can even return the pain and then progressive improvement until the 3rd-4th week .

I know need a average of between 3-5 sessions to get maximum improvement or let the pain disappear , but if after third session not there is no improvement Consider that the waves of crash not will be effective for this pathology .
Usually the pain gradually disappears depending on the age of the injury and in very chronic cases they may require a few more sessions .


A bag should be placed ice in the first hours to avoid bruises or small bruises , take a pain reliever if there is pain or annoyance and relative rest of the treated area .

They will be carried out with intervals of between 1 and 3 weeks and the maximum result can be obtained after a month of finishing the shock wave treatment .


I know A prior visit must be made additional tests necessary for a proper diagnosis and assess if it falls within the established indications .