The Multitherapy is based physical therapy Saló-Darder method in the I know make a very precise study of muscle -fascial restrictions , scars traumatic or post-surgical , lymphedemas .

Once the restrictive lesions of the musculoskeletal system and myofascial , it use the Multitherapy machine , to negative pressure and numerically controlled , to get , either a lymphatic drainage , myofascial release , stretching of the structures in retraction and return the normal mobility .

The stimuli of the myofascial receptors create a analgesic effect , drainage , as well as neurovegetative changes that lead to a maximum relaxation of these structures treated .

The Multitherapy allows a multiple physiotherapy work with its fixed applicators and mobiles , so , the physiotherapist works at various levels to same time getting I know would get in multiple sessions of physiotherapy or conventional osteopathy .

Its indications are:

  • Lumbálgias , cervicálgias , acute or chronic .
  • Ligament or tendon shortening .
  • Joint mobility restrictions in the shoulder , hip , knee .
  • Post- traumatic or post- surgical scars
  • Fibrosis of the spine
  • Post-surgery lifedema
  • cellulite edema