With knee arthroscopy we can see and repair structures such as the menisci or perform cruciate ligament plasties .

I know consider ligament plasty any repair of an anatomical structure , broken or deteriorated and that needs to be replaced by another of the same person or a bank of tissues .

In the knee are usually replaced anterior cruciate ligament or posterior Cruciate Ligament , after a sports trauma , labor or traffic , recent or old and that brings pain, bugs and knee instability; Always after making a period of rehabilitation .

The chronic rupture of the cruciate ligaments progressively deteriorates the cartilage , menisci , leading to osteoarthritis or premature wear of the joint .

The plasty can be obtained from a part of patellar ligament , bone-tendon-bone (HTH) or good of tendons of the inner face of the knee , tendon of semitendinosus or bank of tissues . Once prepared , they are transplanted into the suitable place and set with some screws of titanium or well resorbable until _ bony ends are they reincorporate bone .


The cruciate ligament plasty is performed under regional anesthesia of the lower extremities and the entire intervention is prepared by arthroscopy . With some small holes the cannulae and the instruments are introduced to be able to work with the help of a television monitor.

Once the interior of the knee , A small incision must be made in the front face of the knee to be able to extract the HTA plasty of own patient , what will we prepare with exact measurements and will reintroduce within tunnels made _ block with corresponding screws and to the exact tension . This is valid for the anterior cruciate ligament Y also for him posterior cruciate ligament although there is greater technical complexity .


Between 12-24 hours and in same clinic withdraw the tubes of drainage and place the knee on a motorized splint that mobilizes the knee shape passive , without any effort and get about 90º of mobility within the first week . also know perform active exercises to prevent atrophy of the muscles of the knee and start the march with help of some sticks to day after the intervention .

The high of the clinic usually occurs within the first week and continue the exercises at home or good in a center of rehabilitation to achieve full mobility .


You can walk to 24 hours of the intervention , with help of canes , mobilize the knee between 12-24 hours , fold the knee up right angle to the week and get the complete mobility between 2nd and 4th week .

You will be able to lead a relatively normal life between 6-8 weeks if you . No make a hard physical work but the sport of contact not should start before 6 months . All this is conditioned by the need for that the transplanted bone is remodeled enough to support any load .